Cardamom or Cardamom belongs to the family of ginger plants and has a sweetish slightly spicy aroma. Cardamom is usually obtained ground into powder. With cardamom powder, the shells are also ground. Cardamom originates from South India and Sri Lanka. Besides curry, it is mainly used for Indian recipes and in Asian cuisine. In Europe, cardamom is used to season specula and gingerbread. Arab mocha is also seasoned with a pinch of cardamom, as well as various liqueurs and sausage products.

All data per 100 g:
311 kcal
68 g
11 g
7 g

Recipes with Cardamom

Anise Waffles New Year's Cake
Anise Waffles New Year's Cake Anis waffles New Year's cakes are crispy thin waffles that are baked in a special waffle iron with smooth surface. For aniseed waffles New Year's cake first put Kluntjes / Kandis sugar into a pot, add water and cook while stirring until the Kandis sugar has dissolved. ...
Baked Almonds Cookies
Baked Almonds Cookies are easy to prepare. Preheat baking oven to 160° C. ...
Bear paw cookies
Bear paw cookies Bear paws belong to the classic Christmas cookies. It is best to let the cookies dry overnight before baking. ...
Breakfast bread BBA
Breakfast bread BBA means that I baked the bread in the bread baking machine. The important thing for the success is an exact measurement of the ingredients. ...
Brown cake
Brown cake s are actually cookies that taste similar to Leb cakes. Bring brown sugar beet syrup with margarine, lard, brown sugar and white sugar to the boil in a saucepan while stirring. ...
Cardamom pear cake
Cardamom pear cake For the cardamom pears cake peel small firm pears and cut off a thin slice from the bottom so that they stand better. Bring wine, water, 200 g sugar, cardamom seeds, cloves, anise and cinnamon to the boil. ...
Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken Tikka Masala means marinated grilled or baked chicken and is a traditional Indian curry. Chicken Tikka Masala is served with rice or Naan (see recipe). ...
Chicken with Tahini Sauce & Pita
Chicken with Tahini Sauce & Pita Chicken with Tahini sauce can be prepared in a grill pan or on the grill. The chicken meat is marinated and can be kept in the fridge overnight. ...
Christmas Heath Sand
Christmas Heath Sand Christmas Heidesand is a crispy Christmas biscuit that is long lasting. To get the typical taste of Christmas heath sand, it is important to brown the butter. ...

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