When I use caraway as an ingredient in my recipes, I always mean all the caraway seeds. Otherwise, I write extra ground caraway. The whole caraway seeds develop their full aroma better if they are lightly pounded shortly before use in the mortar. Caraway is used, for example, for baking bread or rolls. Because caraway not only stimulates the appetite with its essential oil, but also supports digestion.

All data per 100 g:
369 kcal
37 g
19 g
15 g

Recipes with Caraway

Back Potatoes
Back Potatoes Preheat oven to 225° for baking potatoes. Grease a baking tray well. ...
Baden onion cake
Baden onion cake is also called Zwibelewaie. Press a hollow into the middle of the flour. ...
Baked ham with sauerkraut
Baked ham with sauerkraut For baking ham with sauerkraut best use cured crusts roast. Preheat oven to 220°. ...
Bavarian cabbage
Bavarian cabbage For Bayrisch Kraut, first cut white cabbage into strips. Cut onion into small cubes. ...
Bavarian cabbage hot dog
Bavarian cabbage hot dog is a hearty variation of the classic hot dog. Cut the cabbage into fine strips. ...
Bavarian cabbage meat loaf
Bavarian cabbage meat loaf is baked in the oven. It tastes very juicy and hearty. ...
Bavarian cabbage salad & lye pretzel
Bavarian cabbage salad & lye pretzel Bavarian cabbage salad with lye pretzel can be prepared quickly and easily even in larger quantities. Cut the cabbage and paprika into fine strips and fill into a bowl. ...
Bavarian cabbage to meat Pflanzerl
Bavarian cabbage to meat Pflanzerl For Bavarian cabbage to meat Pflanzerl cabbage in fine strips cut. Dice the bacon and onions. ...
Bavarian cabbage with bacon
Bavarian cabbage with bacon For Bavarian cabbage with bacon, white cabbage is cut into fine strips. Cut streaky bacon into cubes. ...

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