Cans Corned Beef

Cans Corned Beef

Like cold cuts, tins of corned beef consist of cured beef, only without gelatine, as it does not have to be cut into thin slices like cold cuts. Cans of corned beef mostly come from South America (Brazil and Argentina). By cooking in its own juice gels cans of corned beef and is brought to cool in block form. When roasted or cooked, the tender meat disintegrates and is used, among other things, for the old Hamburg dish Labskaus.

All data per 100 g:
225 kcal
1 g
25 g
14 g

Recipes with Cans Corned Beef

Cheese sauce with corned beef
Cheese sauce with corned beef is a spicy pasta sauce that goes particularly well with fusilli, spirelli or penne and can be quickly prepared. The ingredients have a longer shelf life, so they can be stored in advance. ...
Corned beef potato pancakes
Corned beef potato pancakes taste hearty and are served with a creamy garlic dressing. Peel potatoes and onion. ...
Hamburg Labskaus
Hamburg Labskaus Hamburger Labskaus is prepared with corned beef and beetroot and served with fried egg. Smoked matjes taste particularly good with it. ...
Labskaus stew
Labskaus stew is an old simple Hamburg seafarer dish that gets its typical reddish color from beetroot. Salt Boil the potatoes and drain. ...
Labskaus with herring salad
Labskaus with herring salad is easy to prepare and tastes particularly good when herring salad is prepared with Bismarck herring and refined with matjes fillet. For the Labskaus first cook floury potatoes as boiled potatoes in about 20 minutes. ...
Labskaus with salmon
Labskaus with salmon is a finer variation of the traditional Labskaus. For the Labskaus salt boil potatoes. ...
Pork Schnitzel with Labskaus
Pork Schnitzel with Labskaus is a delicious alternative for all those who don't like fish so much but still want to try Labskaus. For the Labskaus first boil salt potatoes, drain and crush with milk and broth to mashed potatoes. ...

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