Camembert cheese

Camembert cheese

Camembert cheese is a soft cheese made from raw milk, which is coated with white noble mould. Camembert cheese originated in France and was named after the village of the same name in Normandy, where it was first produced. However, since the name is not protected, today Camembert cheese is also produced in other countries. The shape can vary from flat circular to rectangular to oval. The weight is between 125 g and 250 g, depending on the variety. The fat content in dry matter can be between 13% and 55%.

All data per 100 g:
223 kcal
3 g
23 g
13 g

Recipes with Camembert cheese

Alsatian onion cake
Alsatian onion cake can be served hot or cold. Mix flour with baking powder and salt. ...
Bagel with camembert
Bagel with camembert tastes best if you use a slightly creamier mild camembert with approx. 60% fat in dry matter. Fresh bagels can be briefly roasted by the toaster on the roll top as required. ...
Baked spinach potatoes
Baked spinach potatoes are a delicious snack that can be served as a snack, starter or side dish. As a vegetarian main course, I'd double the amounts. ...
Big Savoy cabbage Roulade Meatloaf
Big Savoy cabbage Roulade Meatloaf Large savoy cabbage roulade meat loaf is stuffed with camembert and paprika. Soak an old bun in water. ...
Bread corners with camembert
Bread corners with camembert For bread corners with camembert, use a strong, grainy, fresh black bread. One can serve bread corners with Camembert of course also on other bread sorts. ...
Bread rolls with camembert
Bread rolls with camembert Rolls topped with camembert taste particularly good if they are prepared just before serving so that they taste crispy. Slice poppy seed rolls open and spread thinly with soft butter. ...
Bread spreads
Bread spreads Homemade bread spreads taste especially good on hearty farmer bread. Four different bread spreads can be easily prepared from these ingredients. ...
Camembert au gratin
Camembert au gratin For camembert gratinated use three small camemberts of 125 g each. Lightly scrape off the white topping. ...
Camembert Cheese Salad
Camembert Cheese Salad For Camembert cheese salad walnut seeds roughly crush and fry in a pan without adding fat until they begin to smell. Remove the walnut kernels from the pan. ...

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