Cabbage Salad

Cabbage Salad

Cabbage salad can be bought pre-packed or fresh from the salad counter. If you need to be quick, or if you only need a small quantity, you can fall back on ready-made cabbage salad. Since this cabbage salad contains preservatives and is often sweetened too much, you should prepare cabbage salad yourself, which is easy and quick. Cabbage lettuce is covered several days in the refrigerator shelf life. It tastes good as a side dish with fried and grilled steak.

All data per 100 g:
82 kcal
10 g
1 g
4 g

Recipes with Cabbage Salad

Bagel with gyros
Bagel with gyros Bagels with gyros are prepared in no time at all, satiate well, taste delicious and are inexpensive. They are therefore not only ideal as a party recipe for larger quantities, but also replace a quick and simple main meal. ...
Bifteki Hamburger
Bifteki Hamburger Bifteki burgers are prepared with homemade zaziki and wholemeal rolls. For the Bifteki hamburgers first season the minced meat with pepper from the mill, salt and oregano. ...
Bread filled with flat bread
Bread filled with flat bread Filled flat bread can be prepared as a small snack in the twinkling of an eye and tastes very juicy. In order for the flat bread to taste crispier when filled, you can bake the flat bread under the grill or in a sandwich toaster for 1-2 minutes before topping. ...
Cevapcici with Cabbage Salad and Tzatziki
Cevapcici with Cabbage Salad and Tzatziki is a simple but tasty food that is quickly prepared. Homemade tzatziki and cabbage salad taste particularly good. ...
Cevapcici with chickpea puree
Cevapcici with chickpea puree tastes good with toasted flatbread. For the cevapcici first mix both types of minced meat. ...
Cheese Mett Sausage Salad
Cheese Mett Sausage Salad For Cheese Mett Sausage Salad first cut the cheese into strips and fill into a bowl. Mett sausage and spice cucumbers in strips and add. ...
Chicken Gyros Salad
Chicken Gyros Salad saturates well and can replace a main meal. For the gyros, first mix the chicken strips with 1 tablespoon of oil. ...
Chicken Gyros with Doner Sauce
Chicken Gyros with Doner Sauce goes very well with pita bread. For the chicken gyros first fill chicken cutlets in a bowl. ...
Crust Roast with Cabbage Salad & Zaziki
Crust Roast with Cabbage Salad & Zaziki Crispy roast with cabbage salad and zaziki is very easy to prepare and tastes particularly good with freshly baked pretzels. For the crusty roast, first preheat the oven to 175° convection. ...

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