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Cabanossi sausage

Cabanossi sausage

Cabanossi sausage is a very spicy Polish raw sausage from finely chopped pork meat. It is very strongly seasoned with paprika, pepper, salt and garlic. Cabanossi sausage is dried in the smoke and has a dark reddish color. They can be eaten cold raw or used for hearty soups and stews. Roasted Cabanossi sausage pan dishes gives a spicy taste. Cabanossi sausage can also be varied with pasta dishes or used as a pizza topping.

All data per 100 g:
278 kcal
1 g
19 g
22 g

Recipes with Cabanossi sausage

Cabanossi is served hot as a snack and tastes very spicy. The sauce is easy to prepare. ...
Cabbage soup with cabanossi
Cabbage soup with cabanossi For cabbage soup with Cabanossi first cut white cabbage into strips. Peel potatoes and onions and cut into small cubes. ...
Cheese cakelets
Cheese cakelets For the cheese cakelets you need small moulds with a diameter of 10 cm. Mix whole wheat flour with flour type 1050 and a pinch of salt. ...
farmer pan
Farmer pan The farmer's pan can be prepared well. Boil the potatoes, cool in cold water, peel and cut into cubes. ...
Hot noodles
Hot noodles For spicy noodles, e.g. Penne, cook until firm to the bit. ...
Hungarian Rice Pan with Cabanossi
Hungarian Rice Pan with Cabanossi tastes very spicy. Boil the rice. ...
Italian beans soup
Italian beans soup Italian bean soup is a very aromatic, spicy and hearty soup that satisfies well. Soak white beans overnight in plenty of water. ...
Italian Herbs Corners
Italian Herbs Corners Italian herb corners taste especially good fresh from the oven. The dough for the Italian herb corners is easy to prepare. ...
Letcho with sausage
Letcho with sausage is a fast, simple but tasty meal. Letcho with sausage is prepared with spicy cabanossi and seasoned with hot cherry paprika or alternatively chilli peppers. ...

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