Butter Lard

Butter Lard

For roasting meat I use butter lard. You can also prepare clarified butter as an alternative and use the firm layer that settles after cooling. Butter lard can be heated high, the pores of the meat close quickly during frying and the meat remains juicy. In addition, the butter taste is more pleasant, than from cheap frying fat. Just when the gravy is to be dissolved afterwards to use it as a sauce. However, with some cabbage dishes I use lard, because the taste gives the dishes the typical taste. Of course I also use frying fat for deep-frying.

All data per 100 g:
897 kcal
0 g
0 g
99 g

Recipes with Butter Lard

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Asian Fish Curry
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Asparagus with schnitzel
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Asparagus with veal schnitzel
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Aubergines Beef Goulash
Aubergines Beef Goulash Aubergine beef goulash is stewed in a strong red wine sauce. The aubergines give the sauce a special aroma. ...
Back fish with mustard sauce
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