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Butter biscuits

Butter biscuits

Butter biscuits are made from wheat flour with a butter content of at least 10 percent. You can also bake butter cookies yourself. They are so-called dry biscuits, but due to the high butter content they taste very aromatic. Typical is the rectangular shape, which is all around provided with small rounded teeth. Butter biscuits are also used in the well-known biscuit cake cold dog or as a base for cheese cakes.

All data per 100 g:
480 kcal
80 g
8 g
11 g

Recipes with Butter biscuits

Australian cheese cake
Australian cheese cake is prepared unlike German cheese cake not with curd cheese, but with fresh cheese. Well chilled Australian cheese cake is also often served as a dessert cake. ...
Banana Cheese Cake
Banana Cheese Cake tastes best well chilled. Melt butter for the dough. ...
Butter biscuit baking sheet cake
Butter biscuit baking sheet cake Butter biscuit tray cake is baked on a half tray. For the filling boil pudding with milk. ...
Butter Biscuit Cake
Butter Biscuit Cake can be very well prepared for children's birthdays, as it tastes best well chilled. The quantity is enough for approx. 1/2 baking tray. ...
Butter Biscuit Marshmallow Cookies
Butter Biscuit Marshmallow Cookies taste particularly crispy. For the typical flavor of butter biscuit marshmallow cookies first mix sugar with beet syrup. ...
Christmas Butter Biscuits House
Christmas Butter Biscuits House This Christmas Butter Biscuits House can also be easily made by children. That's enough for 12 houses. ...
Cold Dog - Chocolate Biscuit Cake
Cold Dog - Chocolate Biscuit Cake is also called cold snout or cellar cake because it is not baked. It only needs to cool well in the cold cellar or refrigerator. ...
Cold dog black white biscuit cake
Cold dog black white biscuit cake Cold dog black and white is a so called cellar cake, because it only has to get solid in the cool cellar or refrigerator and is not baked. Cold dog black and white is a more elaborate but more decorative variant of cold dog. ...
Quark Rhubarb Strawberry Tart
Quark Rhubarb Strawberry Tart is prepared without baking. Clean the rhubarb, cut into pieces, mix with 20 g sugar and pour into a pot. ...

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