Butter is obtained from the cream that settles in fresh milk. The cream is separated from the milk and beaten until small lumps of fat form. The buttermilk is drained and can be drunk. Knead the fat lumps until a spreadable butter is obtained. The high water content of approx. 30 % is reduced, so that the finished product only contains a maximum of 16 % water and 82 % fat. The remaining percentages are covered by protein, vitamins, minerals, lactose and lecithin. There is also lightly salted butter for which sweet cream butter is used. Sweet cream butter is made from fresh cream and has a mild fresh creamy taste. It does not flocculate as easily as sour cream butter and is therefore better suited for binding sauces. Sour cream butter is made from soured cream and has a hearty fresh taste.

All data per 100 g:
754 kcal
1 g
1 g
81 g

Recipes with Butter

Adana Kebap with rice
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Almond brittle biscuits
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Almond Corners
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Almond Cream - Crema di Mandorle
Almond Cream - Crema di Mandorle is an Italian dessert, which tastes particularly aromatic thanks to homemade brittle. Skip butter in a pan. ...
Almond muesli bar
Almond muesli bar For the almond muesli bar mix whole almonds, almond slivers and chopped almonds in a bowl. Cut the dried apricots into small cubes and mix with coarse oat flakes. ...
Almond smacking with cranberries
Almond smacking with cranberries Almond smack with cranberries is sprinkled with roasted almonds. Mix the flour with a pinch of salt and 50 g sugar. ...
Almond Stollen
Almond Stollen should be baked at least 5 days before cutting. Warm the milk lukewarm. ...

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