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Breakfast bacon

Breakfast bacon

Breakfast bacon consists of pork, more precisely of belly or back meat. It's usually cheaper than ham. Similar to ham, breakfast bacon is smoked, salted and cut into thin slices. In narrower stripes it is also called bacon. Breakfast bacon tastes pure or fried. It goes especially well with savoury dishes such as roulades, but also with lighter dishes such as salads.

All data per 100 g:
621 kcal
0 g
9 g
65 g

Recipes with Breakfast bacon

Bean stew with chicken breast
Bean stew with chicken breast is a quick, easy and hearty stew. Clean and halve the green beans. ...
Bread roll with fried egg
Bread roll with fried egg Rustic grain rolls or rye rolls are best suited for rolls with fried egg, as they harmonise particularly well with the hearty breakfast bacon. First cut the grains of bread roll open. ...
Chicken breast stripes on field salad
Chicken breast stripes on field salad Chicken breast strips on field salad can be served as a light appetizer. If you increase the amount of chicken breast fillet and add fresh baguette, you can also prepare the salad as a summer main course. ...
Leaves dough quiche Lorraine
Leaves dough quiche Lorraine Leaves of dough Quiche Lorraine is quite simply prepared with fresh leaves of dough from the refrigerated shelf. If you don't have a quiche form, you can simply bake the leaves of the quiche Lorraine dough on two ovenproof ceramic plates with a diameter of approx. 15 cm and serve them directly from the plate. ...
May Plaice
May Plaice For May, dice the plaice of sliced bacon. Leave 10 g butter in a coated pan. ...
Minestrone Vegetable Soup
Minestrone Vegetable Soup Minestrone soup is prepared with seasonal vegetables. There are different recipes from region to region. ...
Onion cake with bacon
Onion cake with bacon Pour the flour into a mixing bowl and mix with salt. Spread the margarine in flakes on the flour. ...
Party Hasselback potatoes
Party Hasselback potatoes For Party Hasselback potatoes first preheat the oven to 200° C. Wash 4 medium potatoes with skin, dry and place on a tablespoon. ...
Pizza with asparagus
Pizza with asparagus Prepare pizza with asparagus (ital.Pizza Asparagi) with asparagus stalks that are as thin as possible. For the pizza dough put flour in a bowl and mix with salt. ...

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