Bread Chips

Bread Chips

Bread chips are made from dried white bread and are available in different flavours. There are bread chips that are only lightly salted, flavoured with herbs or seasoned with garlic. Bread chips are suitable for nibbling and taste particularly good with homemade dips or spreads. To keep them crispy, it is best to fill the bread crisps into a bowl and add the dip.

All data per 100 g:
445 kcal
66 g
13 g
15 g

Recipes with Bread Chips

Aubergines Fingerfood
Aubergines Fingerfood Aubergine finger food is very good and easy to prepare. Cut the aubergines into thin slices. ...
Chervil dip with bread chips
Chervil dip with bread chips can be prepared quickly and easily. The chervil dip tastes particularly aromatic when fresh chervil is used. ...
Cold starters
Cold starters can be prepared in the twinkling of an eye. The ingredients for cold starters can be kept in stock for a few days. ...
Curry sausage finger food with Ajvar
Curry sausage finger food with Ajvar is served with crispy bread chips. It is best to prepare the curry sausage in a grill pan. ...
Kassler Fingerfood cold
Kassler Fingerfood cold is served with egg salad on bread chips. Put 6 bread chips with a larger hole aside. ...
Obatzter Amuse Gueule
Obatzter Amuse Gueule are served as a so-called little greeting from the kitchen to shorten the waiting time before eating and to stimulate the appetite. Camembert should be at room temperature so that it tastes particularly aromatic and creamy for Obatzter Amuse Gueule. ...
Russian Eggs
Russian Eggs are among the classics of the cold buffet. Boil the eggs hard and place in cold water to cool them more quickly. ...
Stuffed tomatoes with meat salad
Stuffed tomatoes with meat salad are ideal for the cold buffet or as a small snack between meals. They are inexpensive, can be prepared quickly and easily and taste good to everyone. ...
Trout Tatar on Bread Chips
Trout Tatar on Bread Chips taste particularly crispy when the bread chips are topped shortly before serving. For the tatar, cut the trout fillets into small cubes. ...

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