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Bread baking mix

Bread baking mix

Bread baking mixture (french) Mélange de traitement au four de pain, ital. Miscela di cottura del pane, span. Mezcla de la hornada del pan) is often used for the preparation of bread or rolls in the bread baking machine. You can also use bread baking mixture besides the classic application as wrapping e.g. for Kassler or baking ham in bread dough. Bread baking mixture is also suitable as a dough base, similar to a pizza or onion pie, for savory toppings with onions, cheese or ham. If you use the bread dough for meat fillings, you should use a little less water for mixing than indicated on the package, because the meat still gives off some juice. Bread baking mixture usually already contains salt and dry yeast and only needs to be kneaded with water. There are different kinds of bread baking mixture with wheat flour, wholemeal flour or a mixture of both kinds of flour. Some grains are also added to the flour.

All data per 100 g:
228 kcal
43 g
7 g
2 g

Recipes with Bread baking mix

Bread muffins with tomato butter
Bread muffins with tomato butter are very easy to prepare, taste savory and look decorative. Mix a bread baking mixture for farmers or country bread with lukewarm water. ...
Cassler in bread dough
Cassler in bread dough Kassler in bread dough becomes particularly juicy and the bread remains beautifully loose. Dissolve the fresh yeast in 0.3 litre lukewarm water, knead into the baking mixture and leave to rise in a warm place for 30 minutes covered. ...
Poultry rolls
Poultry rolls Mix the ready-made bread baking mixture for farmer's bread with lukewarm water until a kneadable dough is obtained. Use slightly less water than indicated on the package. ...

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