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Brandy comes from Brannt or Gebrannt and is the name for brandy from wine. Brandy therefore means as much as brandy. The best known is probably Spanish brandy, as Spain is the world's largest producer of brandy. The Jerez de la Frontera region on the Atlantic coast accounts for about 90% of the total brandy production. The Brandy de Jerez designation has been protected since 1987 and is the only brandy in the world that can use this designation of origin. It must be distilled 100 % from wine. The process of storage and ageing of brandy differs from that of brandy or cognac. A so-called Brandy Solera must be stored in barrels for at least 6 months, but normally matures for 18 months. Brandy Solera is light and has a fresh taste of wine. The color is still light. Brandy Solero Reserva is stored in barrels for at least 12 months, but matures for up to 5 years. Its taste is more aromatic and its colour darker. Brandy Gran Reserva is stored in barrels for 36 months, often longer. Its aroma is very intense, with notes of coffee, vanilla, caramel, cocoa, plums and raisins. But there is also brandy from other countries. Hungarian brandy, for example, is made from grape wine distillate to which aromatic substances are added. In the USA, all alcoholic beverages made from pure wine alcohol such as cognac and brandy are called brandy. Norwegian brandy consists of distilled wine mixed with local alcohol, e.g. potatoes.

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210 kcal
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Recipes with Brandy

Brandy Alexander
Brandy Alexander is one of the classics among cocktails and is said to have been created in 1922 on the occasion of the wedding of Princess Mary in London. Brandy Alexander is also known from several films. ...
Carajillo Coffee
Carajillo Coffee First prepare a double espresso for Carajillo coffee. Pour the Spanish brandy into a small fireproof glass. ...
Prawns Aioli
Prawns Aioli can be served as tapas or small appetizer. Defrost shrimps, remove from shell, rinse and dry. ...
Stuffed Mushrooms Tapas
Stuffed Mushrooms Tapas Filled mushrooms tapas are baked in the oven and can be served hot or cold. Preheat the oven to 200° and brush a flat casserole dish with a little butter. ...

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