"Boursin" is just a brand name for a certain cream cheese with herbs and garlic. Its taste differs only slightly from that of other products, but its consistency is much more "airy". That's why it doesn't need to be stirred "creamy" with cream or other liquids like most other types of cream cheese. However, there are also cheaper products from companies whose names I don't have at hand now. If you try a little, you will surely find a suitable product (mostly in round pots, while "normal" cream cheese is offered in rectangular packages).

All data per 100 g:
409 kcal
2 g
8 g
41 g

Recipes with Boursin

Artichokes Roast beef Meat Salad
Artichokes Roast beef Meat Salad is served with a creamy sauce that is spicy. For the meat salad roast beef cold cuts in strips cut. ...
Boursin quiche
Boursin quiche For Boursin Quiche you can also use other very creamy herb fresh cheese. Mix flour with salt. ...
Chili pods au gratin
Chili pods au gratin lose a large part of their heat when heated. Large pods are best for filling. ...
Cutlet in cheese sauce
Cutlet in cheese sauce Rinse three chops briefly under running water to remove bone splinters and dry well with kitchen paper. Heat butter and olive oil in a frying pan. ...
Egg salad with herb sauce
Egg salad with herb sauce tastes slightly spicy piquant and is prepared with cooked ham. First boil the eggs hard for about 10 minutes. ...
Entrecôte steak with Boursin sauce
Entrecôte steak with Boursin sauce is served with potato wedges and mushrooms. Preheat oven to 220° C. ...
Fingerfood Salmon Roulades Crepes
Fingerfood Salmon Roulades Crepes are served well chilled. Melt the butter at a low temperature and let it cool. ...
French sauce
French sauce This French sauce is served with meat fondue, but also tastes very good as a dip with raw vegetable dishes and as a grill sauce with meat and poultry. The French Boursin is particularly suitable for the French sauce, because it tastes very aromatic and is looser in consistency than simple herb cream cheese. ...
Pancake wraps
Pancake wraps are served cold, are easy to prepare and satiate well. For the pancakes Wraps flour with milk smooth stir. ...

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