Black Currant Juice

Black Currant Juice

Black currant juice is available in organic shops or health food stores. The juice is obtained 100% from the black currant. Black currant juice is rich in vitamin C and iron. Shake the bottle of black currant juice well before use to dissolve the natural sediment.

All data per 100 g:
54 kcal
12 g
1 g
1 g

Recipes with Black Currant Juice

Chicken a la Coq au vin
Chicken a la Coq au vin is a recipe prepared in the same way as Coq au vin, but with blackcurrant juice instead of red wine and without cognac. It is supposed to be an alternative for everyone how to prepare the dish tasty without alcohol. ...
Deer roast
Deer roast For venison roast, preheat the oven to 200° C. Rinse and dry the meat. ...
Deer Steak
Deer Steak is served mushrooms and croquettes. Cut the venison steak from the leg into three slices. ...
girl's flush
Girl's flush Mädchenröte is an old traditional North German dessert, which originally comes from Schleswig Holstein. It can be prepared with black or red currant juice and beaten egg white. ...
Glüh wine non-alcoholic
Glüh wine non-alcoholic is healthy and tastes very good not only to children. You should always offer a non-alcoholic variant of Glüh wine for all those who do not want to drink alcohol but still want to enjoy a warming drink. ...
Heart cake
Heart cake The heart cake can also be covered with chocolate icing or decorated with cream. If you want to fill the heart cake with a butterceme or pudding cream, you should bake the heart cake already one day before, so that the heart cake inside becomes a little firmer and can be cut so more easily. ...
Longdrink Kirsch Cassis
Longdrink Kirsch Cassis The Longdrink Kirsch Cassis is a fruity soda. Pour ice cubes into a long drink glass and pour Kirsch water over the ice. ...
Red fruit jelly Philadelphia cake
Red fruit jelly Philadelphia cake is a so-called refrigerator cake because it is not baked. For the dough base spoon sponge cake biscuits finely grate and knead with soft butter. ...
Roulades with leek onions
Roulades with leek onions For roulades with leek onions first mix tomato pulp, mustard and finely chopped thyme. Season the roulades with pepper and salt. ...

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