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Bismarck Herring

Bismarck Herring

Bismarck herring is a herring filet that has been preserved in a sour marinade of vinegar, oil, onions and spices. The Bismarck herring can be preserved for a long time by marinating it in this marinade. Bismarck herring is particularly popular for fish rolls or herring salad. It also goes very well with fried potatoes or pell potatoes with quark.

All data per 100 g:
210 kcal
0 g
16 g
16 g

Recipes with Bismarck Herring

Bismarck Herring Baguette
Bismarck Herring Baguette Bismarck Hering Baguette tastes particularly good with crispy fresh baguette from the bakery. Cut the baguette into pieces about 15 cm long and cut open. ...
Bismarck herring with fried potatoes
Bismarck herring with fried potatoes tastes particularly good if you buy pickled Bismarck herring fresh from a fishmonger, because the Bismarck herring does not taste too sour and has a juicy firm meat. Boil the potatoes, drain and leave to cool in cold water. ...
Blinis with herring salad
Blinis with herring salad can be served as a small starter or finger food. For the Blinis mix buckwheat flour with dry yeast and sugar. ...
Canapes with herring salad
Canapes with herring salad For canapes with herring lettuce you can prepare the herring lettuce very well and cover it and let it stand in the fridge. If possible, the canapes should be topped with herring salad just before serving so that the baguette tastes fresh and crispy. ...
Countrywomen herring in cream horseradish
Countrywomen herring in cream horseradish Landfrauen herring in cream horseradish is served on black bread. For the sauce, mix yoghurt, sour cream, cream, horseradish and cranberry jelly. ...
Fish roll
Fish roll s taste particularly crispy when prepared just before serving. Cut the buns in half. ...
Foil potatoes with herring pot
Foil potatoes with herring pot can be prepared quickly and easily even in large quantities. The foil potatoes receive their whole flavour, because they are prepared without water. ...
Fried potatoes & tuna cream
Fried potatoes & tuna cream is served with Bismarck herring. Boil the potatoes, drain and allow to cool completely in cold water. ...
Hamburg fish buns
Hamburg fish buns Hamburg fish rolls are prepared with a homemade remoulade. Mix mayonnaise with mustard. ...

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