Berlin White Beer

Berlin White Beer

Berliner Weisse Bier is a dark wheat beer with a volume of 2.8%. Alcohol content, which may only be brewed in Berlin. The typical small brown bottles contain 0.33 liters of Berliner Weisse beer. Due to the use of yeast, Berliner Weisse Bier looks slightly cloudy. Berliner Weisse beer has a slightly sour, very refreshing taste.

All data per 100 g:
29 kcal
5 g
0 g
0 g

Recipes with Berlin White Beer

Bananas Berliner Weisse
Bananas Berliner Weisse can easily be prepared with banana liqueur. But if you get fresh woodruff, you can put a twig in the glass, which gives the Bananen Berliner Weisse a fine woodruff aroma that harmonizes well with the banana liqueur. ...
Berlin braised roast
Berlin braised roast The addition of Berliner Weiße (Berlin white) makes Berliner Schmor Braten slightly reminiscent of sour roast. Preheat oven to 200° C. ...
Berlin goulash soup
Berlin goulash soup This Berlin goulash soup tastes slightly hot with a fine sour aroma. Cut the goulash into small cubes. ...
Berlin Potato Salad
Berlin Potato Salad tastes fresh and slightly spicy. For Berlin potato salad first Pell potatoes cook. ...
Berlin punch
Berlin punch Berliner Bowle can also be mixed in small quantities, directly in bowl glasses. Halve an unsprayed lemon. ...
Berlin white
Berlin white Berliner Weisse is a popular soft drink with a low alcohol content. You can also enjoy the slightly sour wheat beer on its own. ...
Berliner Weisse with shot
Berliner Weisse with shot Berliner Weisse mit Schuss is a refreshing low-calorie summer drink with little alcohol. Berliner Weisse with shot is served in a large glass bowl, the so-called Molle. ...
Tipsy Berliner Weisse
Tipsy Berliner Weisse tastes particularly refreshing when well chilled. For Tipsy Berliner Weisse, first pour cold beer into a glass. ...

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