Belly of bacon

belly of bacon

Belly bacon is smoked and cured. If one cuts belly bacon in cubes for frying, the white rib bone must be removed. Belly of bacon gives stews and soups a hearty taste. The rind is removed after boiling.

All data per 100 g:
321 kcal
0 g
16 g
29 g

Recipes with Belly of bacon

Appenzeller onion cake
Appenzeller onion cake For Appenzeller Zwiebel cake preheat the oven to 250° C. Line a baking tray with baking paper. ...
Bacon dumpling soup
Bacon dumpling soup For the Tiroler Speck Knödel soup boil a strong beef broth. If you want to cook a larger amount of meat broth and double the ingredients, you can also cook the bacon dumplings directly in the broth. ...
Bean soup
Bean soup This bean soup is particularly hearty and tastes very good even when warmed up. Pour white beans into a pot. ...
Bigos Polish cabbage stew
Bigos Polish cabbage stew keeps up to three days in the refrigerator and tastes best warmed up. Dice bacon and onion and fry in lard. ...
Carbonade Bakony style
Carbonade Bakony style Karbonade Bakonyer Art is an original Hungarian recipe. Bakony is the name of a Hungarian hilly landscape. ...
Dibbelabbes potato pan & apple puree
Dibbelabbes potato pan & apple puree Dibbelabbes Potato Pan & Apple Mush is a hearty simple dish from the Saarland. For Dibbelabbes, peel a waxy variety of potatoes, grate finely, place in a cloth and squeeze. ...
Erbs puree
Erbs puree Erbs Püree tastes great as a side dish for knuckle of pork with sauerkraut or thick rib. For the Erbs puree, pour frozen peas into a pot. ...
Feijoada / Bean stew
Feijoada / Bean stew Feijoada is a famous bean stew from Brazil. Pour the black beans into a bowl, cover lightly with water and leave to swell overnight. ...
Green cabbage with bacon and roasted potatoes
Green cabbage with bacon and roasted potatoes is a hearty winter dish that looks particularly rustic when served in an iron pan. Pluck the leaves of the green cabbage from the thick stalks, wash and blanch with boiling water so that the green cabbage collapses. ...

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