Belly Meat

Belly Meat

Belly meat or pork belly can be bought raw or salted. It is particularly suitable for boiling soups or as an inlay for stews. The bones make a strong broth. Belly meat comes from the rear, lower thorax of the pig and is well intergrown with fat and ribs. In most cases, however, the meat is already released and has a rectangular shape.

All data per 100 g:
321 kcal
0 g
20 g
26 g

Recipes with Belly Meat

Pound pot goulash
Pound pot goulash Use one pound of meat for each pound pot. Fill beef goulash and pork goulash into a pot. ...
Pound pot in pressure cooker
Pound pot in pressure cooker can be served with rice or fresh baguette. Normally it is stewed in the oven for 3 hours. ...
Slaughter plate with sauerkraut
Slaughter plate with sauerkraut is a hearty and substantial meal. Pell potatoes boil. ...

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