Beetroot juice

beetroot juice

Beetroot juice or beetroot juice is also called beetroot salad, beetroot or beetroot, depending on the region. The word bed is a variation of the Latin word beta for beet. Beetroot juice can be bought in small glass bottles in the health food store. Since the juice colours very strongly, caution is advised when handling it. Beetroot juice contains the valuable colouring betanin.

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0 kcal
9 g
1 g
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Recipes with Beetroot juice

Blinis with herring salad
Blinis with herring salad can be served as a small appetizer or finger food. For the blinis book mix wheat flour, dry yeast and sugar. ...
Canapes with herring salad
Canapes with herring salad For canapes with herring lettuce you can prepare the herring lettuce very well and cover it and let it stand in the fridge. If possible, the canapes should be topped with herring salad just before serving so that the baguette tastes fresh and crispy. ...
Halloween Potato Salad
Halloween Potato Salad is decorated with radish eyes. Boil the potatoes, drain and place in cold water for quick cooling. ...
Herring Salad
Herring Salad can be used in a variety of ways. Boil egg hard and let cool. ...
Hosomaki Sushi with beetroot
Hosomaki Sushi with beetroot is a vegetarian variety that looks particularly decorative. For Hosomaki sushi with beetroot, first boil rice, water and beetroot juice in a saucepan. ...
Labskaus stew
Labskaus stew is an old simple Hamburg seafarer dish that gets its typical reddish color from beetroot. Salt Boil the potatoes and drain. ...
Leaves dough pies with herring salad
Leaves dough pies with herring salad For leaves dough pies with herring salad first boil the egg hard. For the leaves pastry pasties preheat the oven to 180° C. ...
Matjes salad without mayonnaise
Matjes salad without mayonnaise is a low-calorie fish salad, which tastes good as a topping on strong black bread or to bread rolls. Rinse Matjes Filet briefly under running water, dry with kitchen paper, cut into small cubes and fill into a bowl. ...
red herring salad on black bread
Red herring salad on black bread tastes particularly mild. I have used for the herring salad mild pickled herring from the fishmonger and juicy roast beef cold cuts. ...

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