Beetroot or beetroot is also called beetroot, beetroot or salad beetroot. Since beetroot is extremely strong in colour, it is essential to wear household gloves when processing it. Beetroot gives dishes such as Labskaus or red herring salad their typical colour. Beetroot can also be used to colour homemade pasta. Beetroot is already cooked and sealed in foil in the vegetable department.

All data per 100 g:
36 kcal
10 g
2 g
0 g

Recipes with Beetroot

Beetroot Beans Soup
Beetroot Beans Soup Beetroot bean soup can be prepared quickly and easily. Cut cooked beetroot into strips. ...
Beetroot Carpaccio
Beetroot Carpaccio Either boil fresh beetroot unpeeled in salt water for about 30-40 minutes until soft. Rinse with cold water and wipe off the skin. ...
Beetroot Lentils Liver Goulash
Beetroot Lentils Liver Goulash For beetroot lentils liver goulash first cook whole grain penne. Cut beef liver into cubes. ...
Blinis with herring salad
Blinis with herring salad can be served as a small appetizer or finger food. For the blinis book mix wheat flour, dry yeast and sugar. ...
Borscht vegetable soup
Borscht vegetable soup For borscht vegetable soup High rib and pork neck in a large pot. Half of the soup vegetables and 1 onion crush, add and cover with cold water. ...
Bremen Labskaus
Bremen Labskaus Bremer Labskaus is a traditional seafaring dish. The typical colour of the Bremer Labskaus comes from cured cattle breast. ...
Canapes with herring salad
Canapes with herring salad For canapes with herring lettuce you can prepare the herring lettuce very well and cover it and let it stand in the fridge. If possible, the canapes should be topped with herring salad just before serving so that the baguette tastes fresh and crispy. ...
Cold borscht soup
Cold borscht soup Cold borscht tastes very refreshing and is served as cold soup. First boil the eggs hard. ...
Cucumber fish salad with trout fillet
Cucumber fish salad with trout fillet can be served as a main course. Rinse salad cucumber, dry, cut into slices and fill into a bowl. ...

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