Beans Cabbage

Beans Cabbage

Bean cabbage is also called pepper cabbage or K├Âlle. Bean cabbage is available dried, rubbed or fresh. It always has to be cooked to fully develop its bitter aroma. Since the intense aroma slightly covers other spices, beans and cabbage should be dosed sparingly. Bean cabbage can be combined for example with parsley to green beans or with rosemary to lamb. It also goes well with onions and garlic, legumes or hearty stews. It doesn't taste good with marjoram or oregano.

All data per 100 g:
215 kcal
53 g
7 g
6 g

Recipes with Beans Cabbage

BBQ Steak with bacon beans
BBQ Steak with bacon beans For BBQ steak with bacon beans first clean green beans. Pour into a pot. ...
Bean soup with Kassler
Bean soup with Kassler tastes hearty and is easy to prepare. First clean the soups and cut them into small cubes. ...
Bean stew
Bean stew gets a very special taste from mutton meat. Who does not get mutton meat, can also use lamb meat. ...
Bean stew with Kassler
Bean stew with Kassler tastes particularly hearty, is inexpensive and can be prepared quickly and easily. Remove the bone from the Kassler Nacken and boil in the stew, as it gives off a particularly strong flavour to the broth. ...
Bean sticks
Bean sticks Beans taste particularly tender. Rinse the stalks of beans and cut off the tips at both ends. ...
Bean sticks with bacon
Bean sticks with bacon Beans with bacon can be served with poultry, roulades, steak or fish. Clean the beans and cut them into pieces. ...
Beans stew with soups meat
Beans stew with soups meat This bean stew with soups meat is prepared with white and green beans and tastes particularly savory. If you take care to get a good quality of the soup meat with little fat and sinews, you will get extra meat for the bean stew. ...
Broad beans
Broad beans Thick beans are stovt in Northern Germany, i.e. served in a light thin sauce or roux. Pour the thick bean from the glass into a sieve and rinse under running water until the water no longer foams. ...
Broad beans with bacon
Broad beans with bacon Thick beans with bacon is an old hearty dish that is typical of the cuisine in the Rhineland. Boil salt potatoes. ...

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