Bay leaves

bay leaves

Laurel leaves are used to season strong soups, stews, stews, fish dishes, fish brews, marinades for meat or marinades for game. Laurel leaves unfold their aroma slowly and are therefore cooked with them, or they are left to marinate in the marinade for a longer time. Do not use too many bay leaves, otherwise the dish will taste too tart. There are also ground bay leaves, but they lose their aroma very quickly. Better are whole bay leaves, which can be stored dark for up to 6 months.

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49 g
8 g
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Recipes with Bay leaves

Albondigas en salsa de tomato tapas
Albondigas en salsa de tomato tapas Albondigas en salsa de tomato are served in Spain as tapas with white bread. Blanch the tomatoes with boiling water. ...
Albondigas Mett Balls in Sherry
Albondigas Mett Balls in Sherry taste particularly juicy. Season the mince with salt and pepper. ...
Albondigas with Aioli
Albondigas with Aioli are small piquant meatballs that go particularly well with fresh white bread or baguette and are served as tapas. For the Albondigas, season the minced beef with pepper from the mill, salt and pressed garlic. ...
Artichokes Goulash
Artichokes Goulash For artichokes goulash first blanch paprika with boiling water. Leave to swell for 10 minutes. ...
Asparagus soup
Asparagus soup can also be prepared with frozen asparagus outside the asparagus season. Cut the frozen asparagus into bite-sized pieces and place in a saucepan. ...
Aubergines Beef Goulash
Aubergines Beef Goulash Aubergine beef goulash is stewed in a strong red wine sauce. The aubergines give the sauce a special aroma. ...
Bacon dumpling soup
Bacon dumpling soup For the Tiroler Speck Knödel soup boil a strong beef broth. If you want to cook a larger amount of meat broth and double the ingredients, you can also cook the bacon dumplings directly in the broth. ...
Badische Flädle Soup
Badische Flädle Soup is a classic among soups. For the Badische Flädle soup, place high rib and marrow bone in a pot. ...
Baked herbs Dorade
Baked herbs Dorade is simply prepared in the oven. Preheat baking oven to 225° C. ...

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