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Barley Graupen

Barley Graupen

Barley (barley, French orge, Italian orzo, Spanish cebada) is the name given to the finest quality of barley. Perl Graupen are the particularly small and round grains which are produced by grinding and polishing barley grains. Barley barley can be used as a soup insert e.g. for barley soup or stews. Barley barley can also be used as a vegetable garnish or for the preparation of desserts.

All data per 100 g:
350 kcal
71 g
10 g
1 g

Recipes with Barley Graupen

Butter Milk Soup
Butter Milk Soup is an old simple and typical dish from East Frisia, which was also cooked in other regions by our grandmothers. Butter milk soup with barley tastes more refreshing than normal milk soup and satiates well. ...
Flemish leek soup
Flemish leek soup or Preisoep gets a special aroma from the fried bacon. First clean the leeks and cut into fine rings. ...

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