Back Powder

Back Powder

Baking powder is used for baking cakes, tarts or bread. 1 pkt baking powder contains 16 g and is sufficient for 500 g flour. 1 teaspoon baking powder weighs about 4 g. It depends on how big the teaspoon you use is and how heaped the baking powder is on the spoon. Usually it does not depend so exactly on how many grams exactly are used. Back powder is a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and an acidifier. With natural baking powder, mostly wine acid or lemon acid is used.

All data per 100 g:
100 kcal
23 g
0 g
0 g

Recipes with Back Powder

Almond Corners
Almond Corners are baked with a tender short dough crispy. Preheat baking oven to 180° C. ...
Almond Raisins Cookies
Almond Raisins Cookies become crispy and are long lasting. This American pastry is more substantial than normal biscuits and can replace a small snack or breakfast. ...
Alsatian onion cake
Alsatian onion cake can be served hot or cold. Mix flour with baking powder and salt. ...
Amaretto Almond Cake
Amaretto Almond Cake is baked in a box of 25. Melt butter at a low temperature, cool and allow to set slightly. ...
American biscuits
American biscuits are available classic with white sugar icing. For children's birthdays they can also be decorated with chocolate lenses, rubber bears or colorful crumbles. ...
American Corn Dog
American Corn Dog are like small hot dogs, for which short sausages are fried in a dough coat. For the batter, mix fine corn flour with wheat flour, baking powder, a level teaspoon of salt and sugar. ...
Americans for children
Americans for children are very suitable for children's birthdays, as the children can decorate their own Americans with colorful sugar sprinkles and chocolate lentils themselves. First preheat the oven to 190° and line a baking tray with baking paper. ...
Ants Eggs Liqueur Cake
Ants Eggs Liqueur Cake For the ants eggs liqueur cake first preheat the oven to 180° C. Grease a box form and sprinkle with some flour thinly. ...
Apple Bags with Eggs Liqueur
Apple Bags with Eggs Liqueur For apple bags with egg liqueur first peel apples, dice and fill into a pot. Add 25 g sugar and water. ...

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