Asparagus (English Asparagus, French Asperges, Italian Asparagi, Spanish Espárragos) has the best quality when it has grown straight, has no spots and has firm closed heads. The cut ends should be fresh. Fresh asparagus squeaks when you rub the spears together and cannot be bent because it breaks immediately. Thin asparagus is often a sign of dryness. It is often used as soup asparagus.

All data per 100 g:
20 kcal
4 g
2 g
0 g

Recipes with Asparagus

Asparagus Cooking asparagus in the classic way is very easy. Peel asparagus thinly from the head to the end. ...
Asparagus au gratin
Asparagus au gratin tastes good with fresh baguette or new potatoes. Peel the asparagus and cut off the woody ends. ...
Asparagus cake
Asparagus cake Prepare asparagus cake with fresh asparagus because it is more aromatic than asparagus from the glass. Peel the asparagus, cut off the woody ends and place the asparagus in a wide pot. ...
Asparagus Casserole
Asparagus Casserole For the asparagus casserole, first preheat the oven to 200° C. Peel the potatoes. ...
Asparagus casserole with salmon
Asparagus casserole with salmon For asparagus casserole with salmon, first boil the peel of the potatoes, peel and cut into slices. Peel the asparagus, cut into pieces and pour into a pot. ...
Asparagus Chicken Curry Soup
Asparagus Chicken Curry Soup is a simple Thai soup refined with coconut milk. Peel fresh asparagus and cut into bite-sized pieces. ...
Asparagus Cream Soup
Asparagus Cream Soup is a classic pre-soup that is served in the asparagus season with fresh asparagus. Rinse the asparagus, peel and cut off the woody ends with a sharp kitchen knife. ...
Asparagus gratin
Asparagus gratin is gratinated with spicy raclette cheese and tastes great as a side dish with ham, turkey schnitzel or veal schnitzel. First preheat the oven to 220°. ...
Asparagus Gratin Hollandaise
Asparagus Gratin Hollandaise can be prepared very well and goes well as a side dish with short roasted poultry or meat. Cook waxy potatoes as boiled potatoes. ...

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