The Making of Creme FraicheToasted Flatbread Tofu Steak

Toasted Flatbread

250 g / 8.3 oz
30 g / 1 oz

2 tbsp
150 g / 5 oz
margarine, unsalted
pepper, salt
sheep's cheese

Serves 3 - 451 cal per serving
Prep-time: 10 min. - Total-time: 15 min.
Cut a small flatbread or half of a flatbread in three pieces. Halve each piece lengthwise to get a base and a cap. Spread margarine on the base of the flatbread piece and top with tomato slices. Season with freshly ground pepper and salt. Finely dice garlic and sprinkle on top of tomatoes. Pre-heat oven to 125 C / 250 F . With rack in uppermost setting toast for about 5 minutes. Slice sheep's cheese and basil and put on tomatoes. Put flatbread cap on the toasted base and bake toast for another 2-3 minutes. Toasted Flatbread goes well with a glass of red wine.

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