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Homemade Quark

1 l /33.3 oz
60 ml / 2 oz
cultured buttermilk

Serves 3 - 222 cal per serving
Prep-time: 10 min. - Total-time: 120 min.
To make homemade quark you will need 2 days. But the actual work time is approx. 10 minutes. This recipe is for about 250 g / 8 oz quark. You can easily double or triple the recipe to make more quark. (for 1 kg / 2 lb., use 4 liters/1 Gallon of milk and 240 ml / 8 oz cultured buttermilk). The texture of the quark depends on how long you drain the quark. The quark is getting drier the longer it drains. You can make the quark smooth again by adding whey or milk. It is important that all utensils you are using are very clean. Pour the milk (best if used 2% or higher) in a big plastic bowl with lid. Add 60 ml / 2 oz cultured buttermilk and stir well. Cover the milk mixture and let it stand at room temperature (22C / 72F) for 48 hours. You will get best results if you don't move the bowl. After 48 hours you've got soured milk (which you can also use). Place the covered bowl on a baking tray lined with a dishtowel. Put the baking tray in the middle rung of the oven. Set the temperature to 30-35 C / 86-95 F and heat the soured milk for about 120 minutes. Now you can see that the whey splits from the quark. The whey has a yellowish-green color. Put the cheesecloth in a strainer and the strainer in a bowl. Fill in the quark using a slotted spoon, tie the cheesecloth and hang the quark in a cool place to drain. You can keep the whey for a healthy drink. It's very healthy and good for the intestinal flora. Enjoy the whey plain or mix in some fruits (like a smoothie), veggies or green tea, just be creative. Store the quark and whey for approx. 5-7 days in the refrigerator. It depends on how cool the room temperature was when the quark was drained. The cooler the better.

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