Tofu SteakTomato Dip Tortellini in Cheese Sauce

Tomato Dip

30 g / 1 oz
1 tbsp
30 g / 1 oz
30 g / 1 oz
35 g / 1 oz
1 tbsp

1/2 tbsp
cream cheese
tomato paste
sherry wine
pepper, salt
green peppercorns

Serves 3 - 118 cal per serving
Prep-time: 10 min. - Total-time: 10 min.

--> Tuna Spread
Combine the cream cheese, quark and mayonnaise and stir well until smooth. Add ketchup, tomato paste and sherry. Season with freshly ground black pepper, salt, and Tabasco. Finely chop the green peppercorns (soft, pickeld peppercorns were used for this recipe) and add to the tomato dip. You can prepare the sauce and keep it in the refrigerator. Serve the tomato dip with Fondue, steaks or chops. Use it also as a dip for raw vegetables.

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